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How to identify the REAL SUPPLEMENT




On the contrary to what i believe , many people still feel that supplements are a must when you are aiming for those rock solid muscles .

But with the increase in demand for supplements and thousands of Rupees being spend on them ,you should know how to separate the fake and authentic .Not only to ensure that your money is not going waste , but also to prevent any Health Hazard .

How much of protein do I actually need –

  • If you don’t exercise-

        ->    0.8  X  Your weight (in kgs)=Protein needed(in grams)


  • If you exercise-

       ->       2 X  Your weight (in kgs)=Protein needed (in grams)

PS- Atleast drink 2-3 L of water , for proper functioning of kidneys.


Protein Test –

These are the 4 test to separate the fake from authentic :-


The QR/barcode that is provided should guide you to the correct URL of the website that provides the product information.


2.Water test-

This is the most reliable test.What you have to do is take a scope of your protein and add it to some water at normal temperature . Then shake it for 30 seconds if their are lumps , then your protein is fake  .


3.Seal –

If the product is authentic it would be properly attached  with the uniform edges also there will be brand name on the seal. Another thing is that there will be a seal on the inner side of the lid .


4.Price test & Expiry date –

Never go for a supplement just because its cheap , you wont find any good supplement less than like 3500 RS(per kg) , so do a good survey and try  buying directly from the company rather than a dealer .Check for MRP tag if it is proper or not.Also ensure that the supplement is well within the expiry period .



















Weight lose without exercise -Ketodiet

Ketogenic diet is taking over the world .While some are hailing about its benefits others don’t feel quite into it.So here is a quick look as to what ketogenic diet is –


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High amount of dietary fat and low amount of dietary carbohydrates are the key features of the ketogenic diet.

We create a carbohydrate deficiency  in our body by reducing the intake , so our body urges the liver to produce ketones which act as secondary fuel for body .

These ketones are produced using the fats  and thus the fat in our body burns.




  1. Body might take sometime to adapt to this new form of metabolism.Also it will switch to ketosis only when the carb quantity is below 20-40gm per day.
  2. While following keto, one has to keep his/her protein consumption in check. Keep it not more than 0.8 gm per pound of body weight. 
  3. Optimal diet for losing body fat , but not for gaining muscles.


Dietary recommendations –

Foods high in dietary fat like butter, ghee, coconut oil, etc are your best bets. Lean protein sources like chicken, eggs and fish are a must. Green veggies like spinach and broccoli are the key food items of the keto plan as well. In case of ova-lacto vegetarians, they can consume eggs or paneer instead of chicken and fish. But always remember to keep the consumption within the limits of your ‘macros’. If you go overboard with your macros, you’ll snap out of ketosis and you wouldn’t even know.



Facts source-Mensxp



















































6 Ayurvedic tips for skinny guys 

I was just browsing through and I saw an article related to how ayurveda  helps skinny people gain weight. Immediately I could see all those memories flash before me when my friend would  tell me that  why he was skinny due to his SUPERHUMAN METABOLISM or he would share how he was overpowered by a new chap in the gym. But  I knew the most painful thing for him was his inability to show his muscles power.

I’m sure many could relate to it , and enough of your excuses that you are building power and not size . Sure, you’ve tried your protein shakes, your three huge meals; plus two supplementary meals a day. But, maybe you’re doing it wrong and, just maybe, you need to look at things from a fresh perspective—one you never knew you could try, until now.



According to ayurveda  being skinny is caused due to over activity of basically Vata dosha, or wind/space element, and dhaatu agni or tissue metabolism – especially in the muscle/connective tissue layer.


  1. Balance the Vata in the muscle/connective tissue
  2. Build up the Kapha (water/earth elements) dosha as your muscle comprises 70% water.



Drink one glass of water each hour that you are awake , you can drink more .But water is very essential for building your muscles.Avoid caffeine .

2-Eat heavier food

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Approximately 70% of the food should be protein. Heavier foods like meats or wheat are generally more grounding. A non-vegetarian diet is preferable if at all possible. Vegetarians should have plenty of milk, yoghurt, cheese and other sources of vegetarian protein—dal, soy, etc.

3-Lubricating food

Have a lot of nuts,curd and try eating food in coconut oil or desi ghee(home made ghee).

4-Eating veggies 


Eat veggies as whole , eat large chunks  rather than finely chopped.

5-Add variety and flavor 


Eating foods with sweet, salty and sour tastes increase the earth, water and some of the fire element in your body.

6-Set a pattern


The key thing here is to allow plenty of time in between meals for digestion. Your breakfast should be a small meal, consumed between 6 to 8 am. Your lunch is the main meal of the day and should be between 12 to 2pm. Your dinner is the next small meal that should be had between 5pm and anytime before it turns dark. Supplement these with two snack breaks—a mid-morning snack between 8 to 10pm, consisting of nuts and heavier fruits, like bananas, avocado, mango, papaya etc, protein shakes with nuts, milk and fruits; and an easily digestible afternoon snack between 2 to 4pm comprising nuts and fruits; also things like oatmeal cookies, flax cookies, dal kebabs, poha cutlets, cheese, etc.


10 Myths related to fitness

Yes  hard work is the key success ,so have you joined a gym? Or are you working out on your own? And yes off course  people are giving you different opinions on various stuff.But before you set your  mind on certain ideas , here are some MYTHS which you should completely ignore-



What aerobics does is , it act actually increases the calorie burn by 20% .Which in turn boost blood flow and increase adsorption in body.



Yoga is a great way to connect to your inner self.It helps to bring peace .However it helps to keep you fit.It does not help burn as many calories as a regular cardiovascular workout but instead focuses on improving  flexibility, balance, strength and also helps keep the heart safe. Only practicing hot yoga helps in weight loss, not all its forms.



Less workout and lower hormone levels make the hormonal level to fall after 30.But this doesn’t mean you cant stay fit after 30. A healthy diet and moderate exercise can enable you to stay in shape.



Its always nice to take a dip in the pool, but remember that extra lengths don’t make you lose extra calories.Swimming helps in improving lungs and better breathing, also helps in toning muscles but it does not help in losing weight. This happens because the buoyancy of the water helps support the body and results in a far less strenuous workout as compared to running where you need your own steam.



Yes you may feel the pain and yes you can go bragging about it .But my friend that doesn’t mean that if the pain stops so will your progress .



Sweating is our bodies process to cool down the heat produced due to different physical work.Getting drenched after your cardio workout or afternoon run doesn’t mean that you’ve burnt extra calories.Fat remains oxidized inside the body, and its not going to vanish just because you’re sweating.



Masculinization in females are a result of excessive androgenic hormones, and female weight lifters in the media take steroids to build bigger muscles. Without use of such steroids, lifting weights can possibly not make you look like a man. Instead it cuts your fat, tones you up and helps you get closer to your desired shape.

8.Running is bad for knees-


Even though most running injuries generally affects the knees, running in itself doesn’t harm them.  Quite in contrast running helps in thickening the cartilage of your knee cartilage. This is the reason experts advice regular jogs in addition to a full body workout. So the next time you go for a run, be rest assured your knees are safe!



Crunches undoubtedly strengthens muscles of the abdomen area but  it hardly makes lose you lose that muffin top. A slim mid section comes with a lean body. Everyone has abdomen muscles, you just need to lose the fat to make them pop – and crunches don’t help.


Senior Man Doing Press Ups In Gym

Yes there is a low metabolic rate after a particular age , but this wont stop you from building your muscles .With proper training and diet you can still get big .

5 exercises to increase your Height

Yes yes here the perfect guide to increase your height these 5 simple exercises you can easily do at your home.
Remember to take a lot of proteins and take proper sleep , these things will definitely   make you tall as  you always wished.


Swimming is an exercise that requires plenty of stretching and reaching, which can gradually increase your height. However you will need to swim often and for long periods in order to see significant results. You should try and plan for two hours daily if you want to increase your height.

Swim Lessons Children 2_920x550

2.Hanging exercise –

You will need to hang down from a bar and let your body stretch. You can also hang and then bring your legs up parallel to the ceiling to create and even better stretch. You will want to keep this up for several repetitions and several times a week.

images (1)

3.Toe touch-

This is one of the most important of the five ,you perform this exercise by standing straight and then bending down to touch your toes. You should hold the stretch for a few seconds each time.



This stretch is all about stretching out your spine and elongating the body. The more you do this stretch the more you will open up your back and increase your height. To perform this stretch you should lie on the face down and palms under your shoulders. Then arch your back by raising your chin to form an angle.



It is a great exercise for stretching out the body, especially the lower legs. You will build up these muscles and stretch them out throughout the jumping motion. The more often you jump rope the sooner you will start to see results.


5 ways-6 days to get a Flat Belly

Do you feel that you are stuck in those lose dresses ?,Do you also want to flaunt that slim ,sexy belly? Do you wish to get 500+ likes on your DP. Here is the key my friend –

6 ways and 6 days you will surely see the results.


Salt is majorly responsibly for holding huge amount  of  water in your body .Avoid food that contain high sodium content .Also please avoid that extra bit of salt you add in your lunch.


2.Forget Carbs-

Bread , pasta ,potato you got to leave your old friends mate if you want a slim belly. Eat protein instead .


3.Fruit selection-

Select fruits that contain low amount of fructose .Avoid apples and pears .An apple a day will help a flat belly away.

images (1)

4.Cut out processed food and alcohol-

Alcohol and processed food will just pile up the fat , instead of that try fresh juice and nuts .

images (1)

5.Forget hot spices-

Spicy food causes excessive secretion of acid in the stomach and causes irritations that will not help you if you want to lose weight. Better go for fresh spices that have a milder taste.

images (2)

Kai Greene Banned From the 2015 Mr. Olympia


Breaking news. Kai “the Predator” Greene  will not be allowed to compete in the 2015 Mr. Olympia competition. In a video released last night on Youtube, the top contender for Phil Heath’s crown made the announcement that he was officially banned from competition.

Speculation abounds as to the circumstances behind this shocking story. One inside source claims that Kai Greene’s banning stems from his intention to release his new Dynamik supplement line at the Olympia Expo.

This source stated that Kai Greene asked for a free 20×20 Expo booth and was denied. When he was asked to pay for the booth, a standoff occurred and things escalted. The statements from this source have yet to be verified.

Update 10:44am EST: An updated report has come out stating that Kai Greene did in fact make an attempt to pay for a booth and had never asked for free space.  This source is claiming that Kai Greene’s request was denied.

Here is Kai Greene’s official statement, taken from a video he released last evening:

“I’ve got a chance to see a lot of emails and messages and things, talking about that, asking me about that. I just… This is what it looks like when a man is trying to be responsible.

Let me just say that behind the scenes there is just so much more things that are going on than I’m at liberty to share with you. There is a lot more that’s happening, and that is still in the process of happening that I cannot say.

It is a test of my resolve and my sense of personal responsibility to exist here in this moment, in this position, faced with this reality of what will be my inability to participate in the Olympia 2015.

Let me just say that I’ve invested more than 20 years of my life in the belief, the idea, of being able to come to the Olympia and to do my absolute best. Despite whatever the opposition, whatever’s said, whatever the beliefs are on stage, off stage, whatever the oppositionary forces have been.

My resolve has been to respond as a champion and just aim to represent the better thought of what that means to me.

You don’t get this far, you don’t get to this point and just stop. It doesn’t happen like that.

I am not a victim. They are not going  to break me. I don’t want to speak negatively to anybody, I don’t want negatively about anything else. Let me just say there’s more going on than I’m able to say.”

Watch the entire official Kai Greene video here:


Tired of spending your precious bucks on all those skin care creams. You have to accept that these products fail to show the results  they promise in the advertisements .But yes then ,who doesn’t want to have a glowing skin.

Your skin health depends greatly on what kind of food you eat . You are what you eat. This adage is particularly true when it comes to your skin. This is because the secret to a glowing, vibrant and youthful skin isn’t in what you put on it, but what you feed it. Most experts agree that eating a well-balanced diet is a sure way of getting your share of good food for healthy skin.

Worry not here are 7 Foods that will make your skin glow naturally and without any side effects .However there are hundreds of other foods too-


We all know that tomato is very rich in Vitamin C ,however what most people don’t know that it has  lycopene,  a powerful antioxidant that blocks UV rays and prevents damage that causes sun spots, dryness and wrinkles.

images (23)


Nuts are also a good source of the essential fat omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fats help maintain healthy cell membranes, which is responsible for keeping water locked in. Stronger cell membranes are better in keeping the moisture in, resulting in soft, younger looking skin.

download (7)


Spinach is very rich in very important Vitamins such as Vitamin A and C. Vitamin C helps in the synthesis of collagen, Collagen is a type of protein that gives the skin strength and elasticity. Spinach is also rich in vitamin A, which the body uses in the production of lipids that help keep the skin and hair moisturized. Consequently, vitamin A deficiency results in dry, rough scaly skin and may appear as goose-like pimples on the upper arm and thighs.



Yogurt contains various bacteria (acidophilus), that is beneficial for intestinal health and the skin. Vitamin A helps protect the skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays and modulates the rate of skin regeneration Yogurt contains true vitamin A, which is an important feature for people with diabetes or thyroid conditions as they cannot convert beta carotene into vitamin A.



Carrots contain beta  carotene , a very important protein which helps in tissue repair .Also it protects from UV.



Blueberries contain high levels of antioxidants and photochemical help neutralize free radicals that damage skin cells. Free radicals formed from sun exposure can damage the skin’s cells which results to wrinkles and premature ageing.

Blueberries are also rich in vitamin C, which helps strengthen the capillaries under the skin, effectively preventing the appearance of spider veins and blotches on the skin.

images (1)


Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, particularly eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). EPA regulates the oil production in the skin, helping to keep it supple and hydrated. EPA also acts as an anti-oxidant that protects the cells from free radicals and the sun’s damaging rays.

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