Do you feel that you are stuck in those lose dresses ?,Do you also want to flaunt that slim ,sexy belly? Do you wish to get 500+ likes on your DP. Here is the key my friend –

6 ways and 6 days you will surely see the results.


Salt is majorly responsibly for holding huge amount  of  water in your body .Avoid food that contain high sodium content .Also please avoid that extra bit of salt you add in your lunch.


2.Forget Carbs-

Bread , pasta ,potato you got to leave your old friends mate if you want a slim belly. Eat protein instead .


3.Fruit selection-

Select fruits that contain low amount of fructose .Avoid apples and pears .An apple a day will help a flat belly away.

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4.Cut out processed food and alcohol-

Alcohol and processed food will just pile up the fat , instead of that try fresh juice and nuts .

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5.Forget hot spices-

Spicy food causes excessive secretion of acid in the stomach and causes irritations that will not help you if you want to lose weight. Better go for fresh spices that have a milder taste.

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