Ketogenic diet is taking over the world .While some are hailing about its benefits others don’t feel quite into it.So here is a quick look as to what ketogenic diet is –


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High amount of dietary fat and low amount of dietary carbohydrates are the key features of the ketogenic diet.

We create a carbohydrate deficiency  in our body by reducing the intake , so our body urges the liver to produce ketones which act as secondary fuel for body .

These ketones are produced using the fats  and thus the fat in our body burns.




  1. Body might take sometime to adapt to this new form of metabolism.Also it will switch to ketosis only when the carb quantity is below 20-40gm per day.
  2. While following keto, one has to keep his/her protein consumption in check. Keep it not more than 0.8 gm per pound of body weight. 
  3. Optimal diet for losing body fat , but not for gaining muscles.


Dietary recommendations –

Foods high in dietary fat like butter, ghee, coconut oil, etc are your best bets. Lean protein sources like chicken, eggs and fish are a must. Green veggies like spinach and broccoli are the key food items of the keto plan as well. In case of ova-lacto vegetarians, they can consume eggs or paneer instead of chicken and fish. But always remember to keep the consumption within the limits of your ‘macros’. If you go overboard with your macros, you’ll snap out of ketosis and you wouldn’t even know.



Facts source-Mensxp