On the contrary to what i believe , many people still feel that supplements are a must when you are aiming for those rock solid muscles .

But with the increase in demand for supplements and thousands of Rupees being spend on them ,you should know how to separate the fake and authentic .Not only to ensure that your money is not going waste , but also to prevent any Health Hazard .

How much of protein do I actually need –

  • If you don’t exercise-

        ->    0.8  X  Your weight (in kgs)=Protein needed(in grams)


  • If you exercise-

       ->       2 X  Your weight (in kgs)=Protein needed (in grams)

PS- Atleast drink 2-3 L of water , for proper functioning of kidneys.


Protein Test –

These are the 4 test to separate the fake from authentic :-


The QR/barcode that is provided should guide you to the correct URL of the website that provides the product information.


2.Water test-

This is the most reliable test.What you have to do is take a scope of your protein and add it to some water at normal temperature . Then shake it for 30 seconds if their are lumps , then your protein is fake  .


3.Seal –

If the product is authentic it would be properly attached  with the uniform edges also there will be brand name on the seal. Another thing is that there will be a seal on the inner side of the lid .


4.Price test & Expiry date –

Never go for a supplement just because its cheap , you wont find any good supplement less than like 3500 RS(per kg) , so do a good survey and try  buying directly from the company rather than a dealer .Check for MRP tag if it is proper or not.Also ensure that the supplement is well within the expiry period .